The Center of Monolith
Have you ever gone to the center of Monolith?

I was doing a match match yesterday (as a phase). 

I was in the town just before the T2 tower. Gideon on the ledge where you can see the city in the distance. "Follow Me" he pings ... He somehow teleports down, under the map, we teleport up a few ledges, down a really dark corridor and end up at a ledge with a blue / red / purple mist lighting the area. 

Has anyone else been here?

I've tried to get it. Are there any players? Are there preconditions? I wanted to show a friend.

Anyway, thanks to that Gideon for the date night at the center of Monolith. Some pretty sights to be seen, especially when I ult'd. Will try and get a screenshot or vid and add to this post.


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